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Hey Traveler!

Why are you working in a cafe? At Nomad-A-What the Wi-Fi is faster and the coffee is free! Besides that, we have a quieter environment that's much better for getting your work done.

Our hours for daytime Coworking are roughly 9AM - 6PM Monday - Friday. Let us know if you need access outside of these times. There will be some additional steps, but it's worth it.

Plans & Pricing

23 USD /Single Day-Pass (9am-6pm only)

Seize the Day Pass! (Monday-Friday)

$23 Day Passes.

At Nomad-A-What you will find a friendly and social community of people who get work done. Plus the Wi-Fi is faster and the coffee is free! We are tiny but mighty and get large amounts of work done on shoestring budgets with lots of collaboration.

Our hours for daytime Coworking are 9AM - 6PM Monday - Friday. If you need time outside these hours, please contact us.

Discounts available when multiple day passes are purchased. 3 day passes for $60, 5 day passes for $80, 10 day passes for $170.

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Price 200 USD  / month

Keys to Success! Monthly 24/7 Access

Get a key and 24/7 access to Nomad-A-What and work whenever you want. Monthly memberships include the ability to book our meeting room for up to 6 hours per month. Lockers and the ability to receive mail and packages at our offices is also included.

This plan requires a prior tour of the space and membership approval from our community. We strive to create a community of varied knowledge base and expertise.

This plan renews automatically.

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No regular fee

Meeting Rooms Only

Use this plan if you only need to book the meeting rooms at Nomad-A-What. Once this plan is approved you will only receive a smartphone key whenever you book a meeting room. The Small Meeting Room can be booked between 9am-6pm. Please book the room at least 30 minutes in advance. Please contact us before booking the Large Meeting Room / Classroom.

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No regular fee


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